April 08
07:18 2019

The Republic of Tajikistan received a grant from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the implementation of the Maternal and Child Health Integrated Care Project in Tajikistan.

Project Administration Group (PAG) will be established for implementation of the project. The role of the PAG is to manage day to day implementation of project activities including operational and budget planning, recruitment and deployment of national and international Consultants, procurement of works (construction and rehabilitation of health care facilities) and goods (medical and non-medical equipment), monitoring and evaluation of project progress, analysis of issues to identify need for action, and reporting to the Project Director and MOHSPP.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection invites eligible citizens to apply for competition for the following PAG staff positions:



 General profile:

Equipment officer will work in close cooperation with PAG Director, MOHSPP, other PAG officers and consultants to:

  • Organize and prepare all RFQ for small contracts (including e.g. capacity building material) and the procurement for Goods;
  • Review technical specifications prepared by the Consulting Design and Supervision Firm with PAG and concerned MOHSPP staff;
  • Organize publications on ADB, national and international websites and newspapers;
  • Prepare answers to requests for clarifications issues by supplier companies;
  • Organize the bid openings;
  • Ensure the bid evaluation committee have been nominated by MOHSPP;
  • Organize bid evaluation and prepare reports for contract award notice;
  • Prepare contracts;
  • Monitor supplier contracts;
  • Prepare Variation Orders for Supplier Contracts in cooperation with the consulting firms;
  • Verify that all documents relevant for contracting are provided on time and are valid (bank guaranties, social security, insurances, etc.);
  • Ensure that all documents are approved, signed and published on time; and
  • Support updating of the procurement plan and schedule.

 Qualification and Experience:

  • University degree in Biomedical Engineer or equivalent;
  • Management of equipment procurement under ADB or other IFI guidelines.
  • At least five years of experience with the:
    • planning of (medical and non-medical) equipment for hospitals;
    • assessment and evaluation of needs considering technical and economic appropriateness development and review of technical specifications for medical equipment for hospitals providing inpatient and outpatient services;
    • review of construction drawings for equipment fittings;
    • supervision of delivery and installation and the commissioning of medical and non-medical equipment for at least 3 hospitals projects.
  • Proficiency in the Tajik, Russian, and the English language is essential;
  • Good computer skills;
  • Experience in international organizations is welcome.

Period of engagement:  54 person-months.



General profile:

Environment Officer will work in close cooperation with PAG Director, MOHSPP, other PAG officers and consultants to:

  • Update Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) TRTA prepared after detailed project design;
  • Oversee incorporation of EMP recommendations into the bidding documents;
  • Ensure Site Specific EMP (SSEMP) is prepared by the Contractor and approved by PAG before any construction work starts;
  • Ensure that Environmental Impact Assessment approval by Ministry of Environment has been secured prior to the awarding of civil works contract;
  • Set up, coordinate, and report on the grievance redress mechanism (GRM);
  • Monitor contractors to ensure adherence to the EMP and the contractor SSEMPs and monthly report;
  • Prepare Quarterly reports on project EMP implementation to the PAG;
  • Ensure bi-annual monitoring reports to ADB are prepared and submitted timely;
  • Coordinate consultation with local stakeholders as required, inform them of imminent construction works, update them on the latest project development activities, GRM, etc.; and
  • Support the supervision environment consultants in conducting training, EMP compliance reviews, annual reporting, etc.

Qualification and Experience:

  • University degree in bio-environment or equivalent domain;
  • At least five years of experience with the:
    • Development of Environmental Management Plans (EMP) for specific (construction) projects following ADB or other IFI guidelines and frameworks;
    • review of construction plans and programs to identify environmental hazards;
    • supervision of Contractor’s compliance with the implementation of the EMPs;
  • Knowledge and experience in disposal of construction and medical wastes;
  • Proficiency in the Tajik, Russian, and the English language is essential;
  • Good computer skills;
  • Ability to work well with the team.

Period of engagement: 48 person-months.



General profile:

M&E Officer will work in close cooperation with PAG Director, MOHSPP, other PAG officers and consultants to:

  • Set-up the M&E reporting system;
  • Prepare and submit to MOHSPP and ADB all required PAG reports, Gender Action Plan monitoring, and project evaluation reports;
  • Finetune the project performance management and reporting systems;
  • Monitor and evaluate achievements during project implementation (baseline, mid-term review, and project completion); and
  • Review data collection plan to ensure all baseline data and targets of the design and monitoring framework are available.

Qualification and Experience:

  • Master (university degree) in Health Care Management or similar;
  • Medical / nursing / midwifery background (in the field of maternal and child health (MCH));
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in:
    • implementation and monitoring and evaluation of MCH projects and programs;
    • assessment of performance and quality of MCH (and other health care) services;
    • analysis of and reporting on M&E findings and development of recommendations;
  • Proficiency in the Russian, the Tajik, and the English language is essential.

 Period of engagement: 21 person-months.


All interested candidates should submit the following documents:

CV in Russian and English in the format that can be downloaded from here or requested through below email;

Letters of recommendation with indication of references;

A copy of diploma;

Copy of passport (place of registration, TIN);

Cover Letter (addressed to the Minister of health and social protection of the population of the Republic of Tajikistan).

All documents must be submitted personally in an envelope indicating the following:

To the competition: PAG for Maternal and Child Health Integrated Care Project in Tajikistan

For the Position:

Full name of the candidate:

The application deadline is April 23, 2019 (till 10:00 local time). Documents submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

The selection of consultants will be carried out in accordance with the legislations of the Republic of Tajikistan and the procedures for the selection of individual consultants of the Asian Development Bank.

All qualified applicants will be invited for interview.

Project Administration Group for Maternal and Child Health Integrated Care Project in Tajikistan

734025, Dushanbe, Shevchenko str. 61

Building of Tajik State Institution “Tajik Research Center for Preventive Medicine”, 3rd Floor

For additional information, please, contact us through:

Tel: (+992 93) 447 7189 / 221 16 06



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