Two Foreign Tourists Repaired Rural Hospital in the Remote Village of Rushon District

Two Foreign Tourists Repaired Rural Hospital in the Remote Village of Rushon District
September 05
14:48 2019

Two foreign tourists, one of whom is a Swiss citizen, and the other a German, after many trips and visits to the village of Basid in the Bartang valley of the Rushon district, decided to repair and equip the local hospital.

Swiss tourist Thomas Kopon said that he visited this valley for the first time in 2016. “I visited this valley for the first time in 2016. Then I quickly got to know the locals and even took part in their joyful events. Now everyone knows me – both adults and children. People of this district are very simple, sincere, kind and hospitable. Here I met another tourist from Germany Gisela Bondis. We both decided to leave a memory in this remote village. Gisela offered to repair a rural hospital. I gave my consent,” said Kopon.

Repair and equipping of the hospital with medical equipment began in 2016, and the hospital was commissioned in early September of this year.

“The building of the hospital was completely renovated, and the villagers voluntarily participated in the construction work. More than 950 thousand TJS was spent on the reconstruction of the building and the provision of the hospital. It has 4 beds, a laboratory, a cafeteria, a pharmacy and medical equipment purchased by tourists. In particular, electrical equipment for heart research and ultrasound was delivered from Germany and installed by specialists. Five hospital doctors were involved in training to improve knowledge,” reported the head doctor of the regional hospital Mamadyor Kazakov:

The chairman of GBAO Yodgor Fayzov attended the opening ceremony of the regional hospital in Basid village and thanked foreign tourists for their cooperation and support for the residents of this remote village.

The distance between Basid village and Rushon’s center amounted 80 km. In winter, due to heavy rains, residents could not deliver seriously ill patients to the district center on time. After the reconstruction of the regional hospital, this problem was resolved.

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