Appeal of Rushon Residents to Kabiri: People Know What to Do and Do Not Need Your Intrigues

Appeal of Rushon Residents to Kabiri: People Know What to Do and Do Not Need Your Intrigues
June 23
16:11 2020

The Press Center of the Chairman of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) published an appeal by Rushon residents to  Muhiddin Kabiri.

While appealing to the Chairman of the banned Islamic Renaissance Party, the authors emphasized their support of the government and noted that they will not be swayed by or succumb to intrigues from abroad.

“We, Rushon residents, see the support of the country’s government on the daily basis. Since independence, our region has improved and prospered, all conditions have been created for the life and work of the population, as well as for the GBAO as a whole,” the appeal notes.

It also notes that Kabiri said earlier in one of his videos that the nation should be close to Rushon people.

The authors consider his words another ploy in the use of residents in the “developed plan of Kabiri.”

The appeal said that the opposition began to praise two criminals whose actions aroused public concern in Rushon.

“The laws and regulations are in force in Rushon, and the law enforcement agencies are fulfilling their duties. District’s residents know what to do and do not need your intrigues. Do not inflate the sensation surrounding the unwanted act committed on a street in Rushon. The people know you as a traitor and a puppet in the hands of some states,” the residents added.

The appeal noted that GBAO people, including Rushon region, comprehensively support the policies pursued by President Emomali Rahmon, and devote all their forces to implement the long-term plans of the country’s government.

“We know that all the instructions and work carried out by the government in the district are aimed at improving our well-being,” the authors concluded.

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