Tajikistan Receives the Malaria-Free CountryCertificate

Tajikistan Receives the Malaria-Free CountryCertificate
March 30
11:03 2023

Tajikistan has achieved a number of successes in the fight against tropical diseases, including malaria. In the context of implementation of national programs and strategic plans for the prevention and fight against malaria in the republic since 2015, there have been no local cases of malaria.

This indicator allowed Tajikistan to prepare the necessary documents, as well as the National Report on the Elimination of Malaria in the Republic of Tajikistan in the amount of 148 pages according to the WHO requirements to achieve the Malaria-Free Country Certificate and submit it to the WHO.

Regarding this issue, from October 17 through October 26, 2022, the International Commission consisting of WHO experts, professors Pedro Alonso (Spain), Fred Binka (Ghana), as well as the representative of the WHO European Regional Bureau Xiao Hong Li (China) visited Tajikistan.

The Commission visited the Republican Center for Combating Tropical Diseases, Avicenna Tajik State Medical University, the University of Postgraduate Education of Healthcare Workers of the Republic of Tajikistan, City Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases of Dushanbe and also the centers of fight against tropical diseases and related treatment and preventive institutions of Kulob, Darvoz, ShamsiddinShohin, Vahdat and Vose, as well as got acquainted with the necessary documents and evaluated their activities in the prevention and fight against malaria during the last 10 years.

Based on the results of the inspection and evaluation of this commission, aconclusionwas presented to the Director General of the WHO. On March 24, the WHO presented Tajikistan with the Malaria-Free Country Certificate based on the presented conclusion on the work done to eradicate local malaria in Tajikistan.

Thus, Tajikistan was included in the list of 42 countries that have won against malaria.

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