Extended Session of Government of Tajikistan

Extended Session of Government of Tajikistan
January 23
11:29 2020

The Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon presided over an extended session of the government of Tajikistan today to review the results of 2019 and to discuss government plans for the future.

In his speech, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon emphasized that 2019 was a successful and truly historic year for the Tajik people.

Prime Minister Kohir Rasulzoda made the keynote speech on the results of socio-economic development and pointed out that despite the difficult economic situation in the world and the region, Tajikistan’s economic development has remained stable, with GDP amounting to more than 77.3 billion somoni, its real growth – 7.5%.

The rise is due to the increase in industrial production, which grew by 13.6%, agricultural production – 7.1%, domestic trade turnover – 9%, passenger transport services 10.9%, paid services 2.9% and freight 1.1%. The inflation rate is at 8%. To achieve the fourth national goal – rapid industrialization, 219 new industrial enterprises and factories have been put into operation. The industrial production volume has reached 27.6 billion somoni and its growth rate is at 13.6%.

Out of 249 types of the most important industrial products manufactured in the country, the growth of production volume of 159 of them has increased during this period compared to the previous year, with 27 new goods added to the list.  The volume of production of 59 industrial goods has decreased, out of which four are no longer produced.

The concerning number relates to the closure of enterprises. During this period, out of 2164 industrial enterprises, 149 have ceased their operations, and 128 other enterprises submitted no reports at all. However, Rasulzoda promised that due to the measures taken by the government to attract foreign capital, the production potential will soon be restored.

President Emomali Rahmon emphasized the necessity of working toward achieving the fourth national goal – rapid industrialization, stimulation of investments into the manufacturing sector, increasing competitiveness of production and the volume of industrial products exports.

Minister of Finance Fayziddin Kahhorzoda, Minister of Economic Development and Trade Nematullo Hikmatullozoda, Chairman of the Tax Committee Nusratullo Davlatzoda and Head of the Customs Service Khurshed Karimzoda delivered their own reports.

Minister of Finance Fayziddin Kahhorzoda noted that in 2019 the state budget revenue plan experienced deficit, with the shortfall amounting to 79.5 million somoni of the planned.

The state budget amounted to 11 billion somoni through the tax committee, and 5.5 billion somoni from customs duties, which is 95.1% and 107.1% of the planned amount, respectively. The social insurance and pension budget is less than 122 million somoni.

Nine cities and districts were not able to meet their tax obligations to the budget as a result of the failure to properly consider the existing opportunities and capacities, in particular the failure to meet the planning and budgeting system. Currently, the tax debt is 581 million somoni, which is 144 million somoni less than in the beginning of 2019.

While analyzing the banking sector, Emomali Rahmon emphasized that as a result of the deterioration of the financial situation of individual banks, the decrease of liquidity of credit institutions, the credit risk has increased. Therefore, he instructed the Chairman of the National Bank to take urgent measures to attract domestic and foreign investments, increase the level of public confidence in the banking system, and introduce new banking services.

The Director of the Agency for Social Insurance and Pensions Dilmurod Davlatzoda, the Minister of Energy and Water Resources Usmonali Usmonzoda and the Chairman of Open Joint Stock Holding Company “Barki Tojik” Mirzo Ismoilzoda also delivered reports. The Director of the Open Joint Stock Company of Roghun HPP Khairullo Safarzoda reported on the dam’s progress of construction work.

Director of the State Agency for Financial Control and Combating Corruption  Sulaimon Sultonzoda and Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Karahon Chillazoda spoke about the results of 2019, the status of corruption, the economic nature of corruption and the amount of damage caused by these crimes, and the determination of financial damage restoration of funds to the state budget.

In 2019, the State Agency for Financial Control and Combating Corruption has conducted 1102 financial audits and the Accounts Chamber 308. Their calculated financial damage amounted to 918 million somoni, of which 360.5 million somoni has already been restored to the state budget. Prosecutor General Yusuf Rahmon, Interior Minister Ramazon Rahimzoda and the Chairman of the State Committee for National Security Saymumin Yatimov delivered reports on the rule of law, national security, public order and prevention of crime, and other violations of the law.

Foreign Minister Sirojiddin Muhriddin discussed the organization of international events that have been planned for 2020 and 2021.

Minister of Industry and Modern Technologies Zarobiddin Fayzullozoda and Minister of Agriculture Izatullo Sattori also reported on their fields. President Rahmon instructed them to increase the export of industrial and agricultural products, and to effectively use the available opportunities.

Minister of Transportation Khudoyorbek Khudoyorzoda, Director of the Dushanbe International Airport Ismatullo Abdullozoda, Director of Tajik Air Dilshod Ismatullozoda and head of Tajik Railways Komil Mirzoali updated government members on the result of their work in 2019.

Eleven state investment projects are currently being implemented in transportation amounting to 8.5 billion somoni. In 2020, the projects of rehabilitation and reconstruction for the Obigarm-Nurobod road section of the Vakhdat-Karamik highway has been allocated 3.5 billion somoni, Kalai-Humb-Vanj 2.2 billion somoni and Hulbuk – Temurmalik 200 million somoni.

The cost of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Dushanbe-Bokhtar, Khujand-Isfara, Kulob-Shamsiddin Shohin, Shikev-Kalai-Khumb, Kulob-Muminabod highways is over 4 billion somoni. These roads are planned to be opened before the 30th anniversary of independence.

Minister of Health and Social Protection Nasim Olimzoda, Minister of Education and Science Nuriddin Said, President of the Academy of Sciences Farhod Rahimi, Minister of Culture Shamsiddin Orumbekzoda reported on the results of their activities in 2019.

Farrukh Hamralizoda, the Chairman of the State Committee on Investment and State-Owned Property Management spoke about the reforms on improvement of the business environment and investment climate in Tajikistan, which have been designed to attract more foreign investment and practical implementation of investment projects, efficient use of funds of Entrepreneurship Fund Support.

Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development, Chairman of the State Committee for Construction and Architecture, Chairman of the Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting, the heads of television channels, Chairman of the Committee on Religious Affairs and Regulation of Traditions, Ceremonies and Rituals, the head of the Council of Ulemas, Director General of Housing and Communal Services, head of the Main Department of Geology, head of the Communication Service Beg Sabur, Director of the Agency for Land Reclamation and Irrigation, Director of the Agency for Statistics and Director of the Export Agency also reported on their accomplishments in 2019.

Chairman of Dushanbe Rustami Emomali reported on the results of municipal activities in 2019. The budget of Dushanbe experienced no deficit, reaching 3.1 billion somoni, surpassing the planned amount by 800,000 somoni. The city’s budget through obligatory taxes and payments reached 103%, or 1.9 billion somoni, which is 54 million somoni more than planned.

Over the past three years, city was able to attract $850 million in investments, $180 million of which are due in 2019.During this period, Dushanbe’s GDP reached 15 billion somoni, and its economy’s growth rate increased by 7.2% compared to  the prior year and its share in the country’s gross domestic product reached 20%. During this period, 62 new production enterprises were opened, with 800 new jobs, which is 40 more enterprises and 650 more jobs compared to 2018.

In 2019, 38 km of heating lines were repaired costing 62 million somoni, which is 4 times more than in 2016. In the last three years alone, 160 km of heating systems, or 320 km of heating lines worth 173 million somoni were repaired.

Chairman of Sughd Rajabboy Ahmadzoda noted that the state budget revenue (excluding social tax) reached 100.7%, amounting to 2.420 billion somoni, which compared with the approved plan (2.40 billion somoni) is 15.9 million somoni more. During this period, instead of the planned 1.88 billion somoni, its local budget amounted to nearly 2 billion somoni, which exceeded the plan by 37.2 million somoni.

In 2019, 867.4 million somoni was allocated to the education sector, which is 84.3 million somoni or 10.8% more than the previous year. During this period, 37 educational facilities were built for 4761 students. Over 451 million somoni was allocated to the healthcare sector, which is 66.9 million somoni or 17.4% more than in the previous year. More than 120 sports facilities opened their doors during the same year, including 18 sports halls, 101 sports grounds and two swimming pools.

During his report the Chairman of Khatlon Kurbon Hakimzoda noted that the tax revenue was fulfilled, considering extra budgetary social payments by 100.1%, the province received 1.46 billion somoni, which is 2.1 million more than planned, compared with 2018 – by 180 million somoni. 2019 also saw the creation of 54,000 new jobs. The trade turnover reached 6.6 billion somoni, and the volume of paid services – 2.63 billion somoni. Currently, 30 state investment projects worth over 4.5 billion somoni are being implemented in province.

Chairman of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province (GBAO) Yodgor Fayzov reported on the ongoing construction of the Sebzor hydroelectric power station in the Roshtkala district.

President Emomali Rahmon instructed the heads of ministries and government agencies to take concrete measures to complete all high-level construction projects and develop the mining industry in all towns and districts of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region.

At the end of the extended meeting of the President Emomali Rahmon delivered a speech summing up the socio-economic development of Tajikistan in 2019, identifying tasks for 2020. He instructed government members to eliminate existing shortcomings and to implement instructions following the Presidential Address to the Supreme Assembly.

The government was tasked to ensure that the GDP grow up to 87.4 billion somoni (7.8%) in 2020 and the revenue of the budget to reach 26 billion somoni.

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